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Ava Max Stands Up for Misfits in “So Am I” Single and Video (Lyrics Review)

Ava Max returns to music after her first global hit “Sweet but Psycho” released in August 2018. With this new single and video “So Am I,” Max’s debut studio album seems to be a mix of pretty catchy hits.

Ava Max premiered “So Am I” single and music video on March 7, 2019, as a follow-up to her breakout hit “Sweet but Psycho.” At the beginning of the new video, we hear a snippet of her previous hit.

Ava Max also managed to create a trend with the hashtag #SoAmI where fans could write the song title on their hands and share a picture of it. The song stands to be a cause for all the “different,” “outcasts” and “misfits” of the society. In the song, Ava Max calls these people unique and categorizes herself as one of them, thus giving the inspiration for the song title.

Watch “So Am I” music video below.

The music video for “So Am I” presents some people who would be classed “misfits” in our perfectionist society. An African American male, a ginger-haired girl, a girl with the skin condition vitiligo, a guy with braided hair, homosexuals, and different ethnicities.

Ava Max says it’s normal for people to whisper about your “differences” from across the room. This simply means that you are worth their time and attention. So own it.

In the second verse of “So Am I,” Ava Max shouts out to several mainstream “misfits” of the world. She shouts out to the story of Sid and Nancy. She also makes a reference to “Killer Queen,” a global hit from the Rock band Queen, talking about high-class escorts. The lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury himself was a massive “misfit” from the society due to his bi-sexual tendencies.

In the same verse, Ava Max calls themselves “sinners and blessings.” In the eyes of the society and religions, they are sinners for being different on the outside. But most of the time, they have been blessings on this earth, much better than the ordinary Joes.

What do you think about this new hit by Ava Max? Can you relate? Have you put up your hand for “So Am I” yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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