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Listen to An Interlude “James Joint” by Rihanna from ‘R8’ Album

4.20, 4/20 or 420 or April 20th is the ‘official’ blaze day. And almost every artist seemed to celebrate it with a picture of them blazing posted on their social networks. Rihanna however was more prepared. She released an interlude from ‘R8’ album, titled “James Joint”, yes, joint. *wink*

Releasing the new music on her website, Rihanna added “In celebration of 420, here’s an interlude from my 8th studio album that I call James Joint.”

Listen to “James Joint” Interlude by Rihanna


I’d rather be smoking weed whenever we breath every time you kiss me

Don’t say that you miss me, just come get me.

Darling know I just know I want you -//

“Jame Joint” seems to be a synth driven music piece with a touch of electronic music throughout. The hype for ‘R8’ is so real right now.

What do you think about “James Joint” interlude? And who is excited for ‘R8’?

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