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Shay Esposito Drops New Single “Feel Something,” Stream Here (Review)

The newest upcoming artist from Canada, Shay Esposito has released a brand new single for 2019. Titled “Feel Something,” an emotional take on being in a toxic relationship.

In a press release, Shay talked about the inspiration behind her new single; “‘Feel Something’ was inspired by the toxic, pathological need to control and manipulate those around you; born out of a desperate need to feel something (anything) that resembles love when you’re feeling lost and out of control.” Shay also joined the International Women’s Day celebrations to relate her new song to the importance of the day; “It works out that today is international women’s day because it’s so important for all of us to understand our own faults so we can grow and evolve as people. This song is meant to say that this desire for attention when you’re feeling alone is normal, but giving in to this way of thinking will only push those around you further away. I want to inspire women and men to be their most badass selves, to be strong and self-aware, and to do whatever the F they love to do. 💪🏻”

The music to “Feel Something” is boppy with an electronic undertone. Even discussing about a pretty gruesome social issue, the music manages to make the listener to move to the beat. Her personal friend, Tray Mills of Unbound Sound, assisted in the production of the track. The lyrics have been composed by Shay Esposito herself.

Stream “Feel Something” by Shay Esposito

“You know I’ve noticed/You love in small doses,” sings Shay elaborating how a toxic relationship works.

The lyrical skills of Shay show in the new single as well as through her previous work such as “All We Ever Do” and “How Does It Feel.” It comes as little surprise that Shay managed to win a category in the UK Songwriting Contest and became a finalist on US Songwriting Contest in 2018.

You can find Shay Esposito on her social media profiles on Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / SoundCloud / Spotify.

We love this new single by Shay Esposito. Join us in the comments section below to share your thoughts on this new single and the lyrics.

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