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Calvin Harris – “Heatstroke” Ft. Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams & Young Thug (Lyrics Review)

Calvin Harris has returned with some new music after his very successful single “Slide” featuring Frank Ocean and Migos. On March 31st, Calvin Harris released the second single of 2017 titled “Heatstroke” featuring three vocalists-Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams and Young Thug. The single is already making quite the buzz around the web. Surprisingly enough, the famed music producer Pharrell Williams did not get involved in the production of “Heatstroke.” It is produced by Calvin Harris himself.

“Heatstroke” doesn’t have the classic EDM we are used. Instead it features more subtle EDM that was found in “Slide” as well.

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The song refers to the connection made by two people falling in love. It’s like a heatstroke that runs through the body when you start to feel each other and it’s electrifying.

Lyrics Review of “Heatstroke”

Intro by Young Thug

Won’t you please
Slow it down?
I’m tryna talk to you, darlin’
Tryna walk with you, darlin’
Do you hear me?
And no-no-no-no-nobody can stop it
The love you got from me
And every time, I look out at my seat today
They chase, they flash they flash, yes

The singer is clearly infatuated by this girl whom has got him vexed and he is trying to approach her and make a connection.

Verse 1 by Young Thug

Tell me how you feel right now
‘Cause all I wanna do is keep it real right now
I’m tryna beat it up, Beat Pills right now
Athletic in the sheets, I got skills right now

The singer wants to know if the girl is feeling the same way towards him. Maybe Young Thug is affiliated with Beat? Because he slides in Beat Pills into his verse in “Heatstroke” as well. The singer says he is good in bed too and that he got ‘skills’ in bed. Getting pretty sexual now.

Break bread with some red baby hair
Ballin’ in the club, Ace of Spades, yeah
Pop that bitch and spray it like ‘Raid’
Yellow diamonds on you like a glass of lemonade

‘Red baby hair’ is a reference to Young Thug’s newly died red hair and he is saying she can move in ad have meals with him.

Then he jumps right into the party life where he says he will be popping bottles of Ace of Spades like spray cans.

Pharrell and Young Thug join on the chorus of “Heatstroke”

Release, let go, and have a good time
Have a good, have a good time, yeah
Have a good, have a good time-//

This is a mere invitation for everyone to just relax and enjoy the ride. According to them life is a bout having a good time while it lasts. There may be some truth to it as well.

Refrain by Ariana Grande and Pharrell

When you do things like this
And you set me free
How can anyone get tired?
When you do things like this
And you set me free
I think I’ve just been inspired
Oh babe

Adding a female voice to “Heatstroke” is a refreshing change of pace and Ariana Grande does a perfect job on the track. She voices the female perspective of the conversation going on in the song.

Even the girl is love-struck with the guy and she is enjoying the ride. She says that he makes her feel free and inspired That is something quite unique.

Verse 2 by Young Thug

Brand new chapter of a real you
She got every red bottom like a baboon
Hunnid’ bottles in the club, real one room
Girl you gotta keep up with a boss move

Jeffrey is Young Thug’s real name so he shout outs to himself in “Heatstroke.” ‘Red bottom’ refers to the high end women’s shoe brand Louboutin, which has a collection of heels with a red sole. ‘Hunnid’ is slang for hundred dollar bills, so he is explaining his lavish life style.

King of the jungle, tycoon
Everybody thinking that’s a cartoon

Young Thug refers to music game as the jungle and he is the king there. And he says he is not referring to the Lion King movie. He is talking about himself.

A few more explicit lines follow in the verse 2 in “Heatstroke” which are pretty self explanatory. And the song comes to an end with a repeat of the chorus and an outro.

All-in-all “Heatstroke” is a pretty smooth track by Calvin Harris and we can’t wait for more by him. He has promised 10 new singles in 2017 and we have only seen two so far and we like where this is headed.

Anyway, let us know what you think about the song in the comments below and also make sure to correct any lyrics or annotations in this article. And share the article with your friends.


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