Miley Cyrus’s “Slide Away” Video is the Sexiest Sad Visual Ever

Miley Cyrus released her brand new single “Slide Away” a week ago and we are witnessing raw emotions being poured out by the superstar. She performed the song live at the 2019 VMAs and poured her heart out. The song’s release coincided with the news of her split with Liam Hemsworth.

The “Slide Away” music video, directed by Alexandre Moors, features a moody Miley Cyrus strolling through her usual life of glitz and glamour. The video bases around a pool party and its aftermath. Miley Cyrus is dressed in a sizzling hot dress and puts on a fake smile to the people around her. She is seen wandering around, seeing people having fun, passed out and dips in the swimming pool.

The music video captures some amazing angles and scenes of Miley Cyrus being an emotional wreck, but without shedding a single teardrop. Some scenes capture Miley Cyrus under water resembling the feeling of drowning when a devastating breakup happens. But she is only semi-dipped in water, which gives us hope that she is going to recover from this tragedy too. Watch the video below. Warning: some people at the party are dressed semi-naked. It’s a true Miley Cyrus rave.

At the 1 minute 23-second mark in the video, we see a 10 of Hearts playing card sunk at the bottom of the swimming pool. Could it be a reference to how long Miley and Liam were dating?

“Slide Away” is a single from Miley’s upcoming EP ‘She Is Here,’ the second edition of her trilogy of EPs leading up to the release of her seventh studio album ‘She Is Miley Cyrus.’

Let us hear what you think about the song and the music video in the comments below.

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