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DrDisrespect – Eclipse |Song Review

The DrDisrespect music saga continues with the latest addition titled “Eclipse” produced by Doc’s frequent collaborator J+1 or JPlusOne.

J+1 and DrDisrespect previously worked on singles such as “Give ‘Em Love,” “Alleyways” and “Red Skies.” The latter two tracks released after Herschel Beahm IV AKA DrDisrespect was infamously banned off the Twitch platform, where Doc made a massive impact to the platform and to the gaming community. The even bigger mystery is surrounding the reason behind the ban, as Doc himself confesses that he was not informed why. After his ban on Twitch.tv, DrDisrespect made a new home on YouTube.

The music video for “Eclipse,” produced by Thorsten Denk shows DrDisrespect riding in his red Lamborghini Diablo, in a picturesque sunset in the background.

Listen to “Eclipse” by DrDisrespect

I feel like some things have been taken from me
And I feel like I have never felt before

The song seems to signify the beginning of a new era for the Doc with the transformation from Twitch streaming to YouTube streaming. DrDisrespect did make a massive comeback on YouTube after about a month of being banned from Twitch and on the first day raked an approximate half a million live views on YouTube.

Twitch was definitely a big part of DrDisrespect in his gaming career for over 5 years, and vice versa. However, before Twitch, Doc did post a few gameplays of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on to his YouTube account. So, welcome back to YouTube, Doc!

In time, there will be more music to come and there are rumors of an album in the works by DrDisrespect. Stay tuned.

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