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Skylar Grey – Sideways | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Skylar Grey promised to release a brand new track every Friday in the month of October 2020. Sticking with her promise, she released “Sideways” on October 9, 2020, along with a music video three days later.

The song is part of Skylar Grey’s upcoming second studio album ‘Dark Thoughts.’ “Sideways” follows the first release of the month titled “F*cking Crazy” and its music video.

Skylar Grey portrays a drunk person in the music video and also flashes the camera at the end. Although the privates are properly blurred off, this is an NSFW video.

Watch “Sideways” Video by Skylar Grey

The song talks about the singer being in a constant state of torment. It is not clear the source of her torments. However, in a general sense, it could be stemming from her partner, the music industry, or her haters in general.

Going at someone from sideways refers to a not-so-direct attack. This is more or so a sneak attack, which makes Skylar Grey question reality. She wonders if this really is happening or she is imagining things. This is an even worse state of mind to be in.

The lyric “Maybe I’m too outta date” hints that Skylar Grey thinks she is not in pace with the world around her. Skylar Grey is definitely not the girly-girl type of artist. This persona might be perceived as offensive in this modern day of super-sensitivity.

Or maybe she is just high on drugs and is imagining all these things in her head. She is unsure of how to respond, react, and even behave in this world.

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