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Trippie Redd – Who Needs Love (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Who Needs Love” might not be the best conversation opener, but being in the shoes of rapper Trippie Redd, one would understand. The song seems to talk about the singer’s doubt over what has love really achieved in life, a premise one would develop after being hurt too many times. So who did Trippie taste this bitter medicine from? Let us explore the meaning behind these lyrics.

“Who Needs Love” is the third single off of Trippie’s fourth edition of the ‘A Love Letter To You’ mixtape series. The single dropped on November 19th while the album released on November 22, 2019.

The song is said to be inspired by Trippie Redd’s relationship with rapper Coi Leray. The two were dating for a short while and she even appeared in Trippie’s track “Everything BoZ” released in August 2019. However, shortly after Trippie’s August album ‘!’ released, the couple broke up. Then they ended up getting back together and broke up shortly after. This back and forth game must have had a toll on Trippie’s sanity and he questions the meaning of love in this new track. Watch the music video below.

In the chorus of “Who Needs Love,” Trippie questions his ex-girlfriend what changed her mind about their relationship so frequently. He confesses that he never changed, despite having had success in music business of late. He has the same clique of people that he used to hang around. So what changed in Coi Leray’s world that made this relationship a back-and-forth game?

In the only verse of the song, Trippie says that he will not be slowed down by a girl like her. Love has not done anything for Trippie so far and he does not expect it to in the future as well. His goals are rather simple: more money and more success. He will not be pulled back by heartstrings. Trippie also boasts about his Patek Phillippe wristwatch and a $100,000 worth ring that he bought himself. Good for you, Trippie!

No matter what changes around him and on him, Trippie is adamant that he has not changed as a person. For the number of times, this ‘change’ defensive line is used, we can imagine that Coi had some remarks about Trippie being a changed person as the reason for their breakup.

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