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Addison Rae – Obsessed | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Addison Rae Easterling better known by her online personality of just Addison Rae is one of the biggest social media personalities today. Her journey on TikTok, which began in 2019, has amassed her a massive following of over 78 million on the platform. Her brand new “Obsessed” single marks her first move into the music industry.

“Obsessed” was released on March 18, 2021, as the debut single by Addison Rae, following the likes of several other social media personalities moving into the music industry. However, at the age of 20, Addison Rae is estimated as the highest-earning personality on TikTok with over $5 million earnings in a year.

Talking about her new single, Addison Rae added; “One could take it as being vainly obsessed with yourself, but that’s not what I’m trying to communicate. It’s more I can love myself as much as you love me, and that’s important. There are days where I struggle, and it’s definitely a work in progress to accept who I am and give myself the love I deserve. But that message was so strong, and I wanted to communicate it. I wanted to find out who I was as an artist before I put something out into the world.”

The song has received mixed reviews from the community from high praise such as comparisons to Selena Gomez to comments on her intentions of moving into the music industry just for relevancy, to the monotonous tone of the song all throughout.

The song is produced by the infamous producer benny blanco. The music video features a fast-paced dance choreography by Addison Rae and other dancers. Dancing is right up Rae’s comfort zone from her TikTok videos.

Watch “Obsessed” by Addison Rae

As Addison Rae explained, the song is about being in love with yourself. However, this over extends when she asks her partner if they are obsessed with her too.

You say you’re obsessed with me
So I took a second and I said, “Me too”

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