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Ariana Grande – Just Look Up Ft. Kid Cudi | Lyrics Meaning Explained

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi just released their collaborative effort “Just Look Up” for the soundtrack of the Netflix movie ‘Don’t Look Up.’ This is their first collaboration together. The song touches on love — the signs from above when everything else seems to fail.

The Netflix movie ‘Don’t Look Up‘ is a story about “Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.” The movie features stars such as Timothée Chalamet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, and more. Both Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi also have cameos in the movie.

The movie title and the song title contrast each other. While in the movie, the astronomers warn people not to look up at the sky because of the impending doom, the song asks lovers to look up at the sky for hope and healing.

Listen to “Just Look Up” by Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi

Ariana Grande “Just Look Up” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Ariana Grande explains how they fell in love with each other. Despite all odds, they connected and they kept falling in love each passing day. Their love turned to hot burning red only to be extinguished unexpectedly.

Your pride put out the fire in the flames

‘Pride’ doesn’t really explain what caused them to break up. Pride is the root, not the cause. So we wait for Kid Cudi’s verse for answers.

In the hook of the song, Ariana Grande sings that the answers she is looking for are up in the sky. She draws inspiration from the heaven above to say that true love holds on tight and never lets you go. Of course, this idea is in contrast to the idea that if you love someone let them go.

In the second verse by Kid Cudi, the singer sheds some light on the situation. Although there are no specifics, Kid Cudi tells us that he was not the man she thought he was. Maybe his pride got in the way of their journey together. Maybe he was just too occupied by himself that he did not have room for her. The singer realizes that it’s all on him.

You think I’m a savage, truthfully, it’s all on me (Hmm)
And I’m sorry my love

At least he admits his wrongdoings. A prideful man would not admit such. Maybe he only realized the value of what he had only after he lost it. He is willing to make amends.

Verse three does not get any better though. Ariana Grande does not seem to buy his appeal. She looks up to the sky for resolutions and she gets a big middle finger from the clouds.

Is get your head out of your a*s
Listen to the godd*mn, qualified scientist

Science is proof and love cannot be theorized and proven. Ariana Grande wants to listen to logic and reasoning now, which is not entirely a bad thing. But how much love can coexist with logic is yet to be determined.

In the outro of the song, Ariana Grande also takes a jab at FOX News because why not.

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