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The Chainsmokers – High | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

This one is for nostalgia! The Chainsmokers return to music in over two years to bring their unique touch of electro-dance music with the brand new single “High.” In the song, The Chainsmokers lament about a relationship that is not going exactly the way they want.

Announcing the new single, The Chainsmokers went to social media to give us some stats; “It’s been 18,816 hours since our last song and we only got 36 hours more to go…” This counts for a time of a little over two years, since the release of their third studio album ‘Wold War Joy’ in 2019. “High” is the lead single from The Chainsmoker’s upcoming fourth studio album, expected to release in 2022.

Musically, “High” has the classic Chainsmokers feel to it, with a nostalgic ode to songs such as “Closer,” “All We Know,” and “Don’t Let Me Down” from the group’s discography. Lyrically, the song talks about a one-sided relationship. The female counterpart does not seem to be too involved in this relationship except for some moments. This has the guy wondering if she is fully into this relationship or if she is just wasting his time.

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The Chainsmokers “High” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the song, The Chainsmokers describes a relationship that is one-sided. The guy is at a loss of how she behaves at times.

Why? You only say you love me when you’re high

The ‘high’ mentioned here could mean several things. The first idea is that she is on some kind of drug which breaks down her walls and she is in love with the guy until this high wears off. However, there are other ways to be on a euphoric high.

She could be madly in love with him when they are drowned in sex, which can be a sort of a high. Or she could be saying she loves him only when she feels like it.

It could also be that she could be saying the words and acting otherwise. She did promise the guy to change her ways, but she has not so far. This has the guy wondering if she is just playing with him. He has no time for games.

I’m too old to want somebody who’s always switching up their friends

In the second verse of the song, The Chainsmokers gives us more details. They admit that they are at fault too, for not having the courage to leave her. Not being sure about something is no way to live your life.

She calls him at half-past one, at night, and he does not have the courage to ignore the call. She is drunk and she says she loves him. He is instantly transfixed and sucked into her whispers. He meets with her. She sleeps over and leaves in the morning. And repeat!

This relationship has The Chainsmokers exhausted and rightly so!

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