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My Chemical Romance – The Foundations of Decay | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

My Chemical Romance is back, and they have a message to deliver. “The Foundations of Decay” talks about a not-so-pleasant topic–but a real one nonetheless. The only thing constant in this world is the constant state of decay of everything; from our physique to psyche to everything in between.

“The Foundations of Decay” is the first release by My Chemical Romance in over eight years. Their last major project was the ‘May Death Never Stop You’ album from March 2014. The band went into a long hiatus after the album, having had to cancel their 2020 reunion tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a rather painful concept to grasp that the world is in constant decay. Be it our physique or morals or lifespan or health or wealth, everything is in decay. There will be a time when it all hits zero and resets again. You could be the most powerful being in this universe and you will still not protect yourself from the constant state of decay. It is built into the fabric of the reality of our world.

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My Chemical Romance “The Foundations of Decay” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the opening verse of the song, My Chemical Romance (MCR) sings about a man, a great man, who had accomplished great things in his life.

See the man who stands upon the hill
He dreams of all the battles won

Our history books taught us of so many men and women who have changed the course of the world for better or worse. But none of them lasted. They are mere names in our history books. Nothing lasts forever, and so are these great men and women. When the dust settles, so do their bones turn to dust. When the pages of their conquest turn a new leaf, they become imprints of the past, remembered for some time, and soon to be forgotten.

In the chorus of the song, MCR sings about the convictions of their fans. The band realizes the state of decay of everything, including their fame. My Chemical Romance was one of the greatest rock bands America has seen, a decade ago. It might be too late to reclaim their former glory now, especially after almost a decade-long hiatus.

May our ashes feed the river in the morning rays

Throwing the ashes of a dead body is an ancient tradition practiced by many civilizations across the world to date. What good is a band without its fan base? It is as good as dead. But we are yet to see if My Chemical Romance has met its fate. There still might be hope for the band.

In the second verse of the song, MCR sings how a tragic event shaped the course of the band as well as the world that followed. The lead vocalist and lyricist of MCR, Gerard Way, talks about the tragic events of the 9/11 attacks and how that inspired him to change the world through his music. They wanted to build their own towers around the world and make it a better place for everyone inside (fans). But now they realize that this is not as easy a task as they expected it to be. And maybe this world was never meant to be repaired.

You must fix your heart

It is strange and difficult to concept to grasp that the whole world exists within you. No one can really touch or influence this world except for you. So, the solution to all your problems is within you. This might not be obvious to everyone as we go on our daily routines without a second to spare to think.

Yes, it comforts me much more
To lay in the foundations of decay

‘Knowledge is power’ and ‘ignorance is bliss’ and the whole world turns between these two ends. To realize that we come from stardust and return to stardust is a hard pill to swallow. But this might be the lesson of humbling we all need.

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