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Morgan Wallen – Last Night | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Last Night” is the second track on Morgan Wallen’s 2023 album ‘One Thing At A Time.’ The story unfolds about a one-night experience of the singer. The alcohol-fueled adventure created a lasting memory for the singer although that was all that lasted by the dawn.

‘One Thing At A Time’ is Morgan Wallen’s follow-up album to his second studio album ‘Dangerous.’ The album is expected to release with an impressive 36 tracks–even bigger than his last. The scheduled release date falls in March 2023.

In the song, the singer finds himself on a drunk adventure with a girl he meets at the bar. A few drinks after, the liquor takes control over both of their inhibitions. However, not so strangely, both of them had different reactions to this night by dawn. The girl thinks it was a mistake and wants nothing to do with the guy. The boy thinks he is in love.

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Morgan Wallen “Last Night” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Morgan Wallen cannot remember most of what happened last night, but he does know that he had a really good time with a lovely lady. He cannot remember most of what they talked about, but he does remember exploring quite deep topics. The adventure only lasted a few hours, but it did make a lasting impression on both.

The guy jumps onto this random girl at the bar. He is already a few shots down and more courageous than usual. He strikes up a conversation and offers her his bottle. As the night grows thicker and these strangers drunker, they end up in someone’s bed and spend the night under the covers. Sounds like a typical one-night stand.

However, this night left very contrasting impressions on the two. The girl thinks the night was a mistake and the boy thinks there is a future for them. One-sided relationships don’t work.

The singer tries her phone the next day with no success. His memory is blurred with haze from the night. He is intoxicated by how he felt throughout the night rather than the real connection that was built between them.

The girl thinks of the night only as a one-night stand–and seemingly a bad one at that, too. He thinks the complete opposite and wants to see this work out. His friends tell him to let go of this and her friends support her decision. There is nothing going in the way of this relationship working out except for his hopes!

Stranger coincidences have brought couples back together so all hope is not lost for Morgan Wallen. But it does not look good right now.

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