Taylor Swift Out Of The Woods

Taylor Swift Releases ‘Out of The Woods’ Single

Out of The Woods cover


For the first official post on this blog, I chose an article on one of my all-time favorite artists-Taylor Swift.

Just a few hours ago Taylor Swift officially released another single from her upcoming album ‘1989’, this is the second single released so far. Taylor managed to create quite a buzz about Out of The Woods release by uploading little (but obvious) hints on her Instagram profile. So today, she released the new track.

You either love it or hate it. Looking at a lot of reviews Swifties seems to be loving the new track as well as her sudden shift to Pop genre. Out of The Woods too is a Pop song, with catchy beats and tunes.

Listen to the full song here:

[Source: http://ialmostdo.com/]

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Out of The Woods is the first track on her album and the song talks about a daunting and a seemingly never-ending relationship. She screams “are we out of the woods” repetitively to give that effect. Taylor screams “are we in the clear yet?” to say that they were more like playing hide-and-seek with the public. If you can untangle more clues from the lyrics do let us know.

Here’s Out of The Woods Lyrics from Lyricsmode.com

I am pretty excited about this new album from Taylor since it represents a career transformation for her. We fans, either must transform with her or just leave the new Tay behind and keep loving the Country singer.

1989 album is scheduled to be released on October 27, 2014.