Kid Ink Like A Hott Boyy

Kid Ink Premiers New Song “Like A Hott Boyy” From Upcoming Full Speed Album

‘Full Speed’ album is getting it’s shape-texture if you will, with every song that has been released off the album. “Body Language”, “Hotel” featuring Chris Brown, “Blunted”, “Cool Back” all gave Kid Ink fans a pretty clear idea bout the upcoming album–and it’s gonna be a good album. Kid Ink released “Like A Hott Boyy” track from the album today. It’s so catchy! “Like A Hott Boyy” is the 12th track of “Full Speed” album and features voices of Young Thug and Bricc Baby Shitro.

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This track has some extremely catchy beats and the hook is extremely hip:

“I just pull up to the spot boy
Like I’m fresh up off the lot boy
Niggas say I do a lot boy
Cuz I’m spendin’ cash $ like a Hott Boy
Stop thinkin’ ya the man, cuz ya not boy
Ya be lookin’ like ’em cops, boy
See ya bitch & I bet she gettin’ copped boy
Cuz I’m spendin’ cash $ like a Hott Boyy”


The song has been stuck in my head ever since the first listen a few hours ago and it has been on repeat! Buy the track! Or pre-order the full album, it is going to be so worth the money!

‘Full Speed’ album releases on February 3, 2015!