Taylor Swift Shake It Off X Factor Australia Grand Finale

Taylor Swift Performs “Shake It Off” Live on X-Factor Australia Grand Finale

The X-Factor Australia is a kind of a big deal. But not so much for Taylor. Taylor swift is no stranger to live performances. She finished a massively successful RED Tour a few months back, and now she is all about her upcoming ‘1989’ album. Just hours ago Taylor Swift performed her number 1 hit single “Shake It Off” to a live audience at The X-Factor Australia Grand Finale. Shake It Off is a fast paced, electrifying song and the live performance was no difference.

Watch Taylor swift’s X-Factor Australia Live performance:

So many vivid colors in the group and Taylor Swift looked flawless as always. The crowd went absolutely berserk when Taylor came close to them. They were screaming their lungs off throughout the entire performance.

What captivated me most was the intro given by the X-Factor host about Taylor’s accomplishments. Keeping in mind that she is only 24 years old;

“She is a multi-Grammy winning, multi-platinum selling, multi-talented superstar,”

Then there was a short video of her music records and statistics.

  • 7 time Grammy winner
  • Youngest to win the coveted “Album of The Year” award
  • Only female artist to have 3 consecutive #1 albums (I’m sure she is on-route for the fourth with 1989.)
  • 30 million albums sold globally
  • 75 million song downloads (not counting the illegal ones :P)

I’m sure the accolades will pile up even more as her journey continues.

The X-Factor Australia host also asked where Taylor gets the inspiration to compose all her great lyrics. Taylor’s answer was as expected: She writes songs about her life.

“..having done that since I was sixteen it’s like, I feel like the reason my fans and I have such a great connection is because essentially they’ve been reading my diary since I was a teenager, and that really hasn’t changed.”

Such a humble person, she is.

Pre-order/buy Taylor Swift’s 1989 here: Amazon / iTunes