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Nicki Minaj – Let Me Calm Down Ft. J. Cole | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Let Me Calm Down” is the sixth track on Nicki Minaj’s 2023 album ‘Pink Friday 2.’ The song enlists fellow rapper J. Cole on the track to explore topics of relationship complexities as public figures and celebrities. This is the two artists’ first collaboration ever.

Nicki Minaj released her highly-anticipated ‘Pink Friday 2’ album, the sequel to her infamous debut studio album ‘Pink Friday’ from 2010. Since announcing her retirement from hip-hop in 2019, and later revoking it, Nicki Minaj has been dropping crumbs about new music coming. She called ‘PF2’ a “fierce, fun, and unapologetic” album.

In the two verses of the song, Nicki Minaj and J. Cole take on two opposing views on relationships with celebrities. While Nicki Minaj takes a rather heated stance on needing space when she is stressed, J. Cole talks about giving her space when she needs it.

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Nicki Minaj “Let Me Calm Down” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse, Nicki Minaj lays down her theories on relationships. She remembers the first day she met her current partner. It was love at first sight. A few dates in, she knows this is going somewhere. She is ready to commit. But Nicki has a former lover whom she cannot let go–her career. There are millions of fans around the world whom she needs to support. So, at times, things get messy.

At times, career and personal lives clash. A music career is a massive commitment sometimes. There are some deadlines you cannot miss, some people you cannot say ‘no’ to, some concerts you cannot let go, and so on. And the last thing she needs in stressful situations like these is a man nagging about her not giving him time and attention.

Just wish you would give me space when I really need it

Nicki has no regrets about any of the decisions she has made so far–both in her personal life and her career. All she needs is some alone time when she needs it.

In the second verse of the song, J. Cole takes a more mature approach towards the same situation. Being with someone as fierce as Nicki is not for the faint of heart. She is successful, hot, talented, and wifey material. There are so many others looking to get a piece of her.

J. Cole realizes that relationships are about give and take. Sometimes, you have to fall back and let the other person fly. Other times, you can take the reigns. The trick is to know when to do which and keep a level head in both situations. J. Cole says that if you love her, you should learn to ‘play the back’ when it is needed. Because she has done it tenfold for you. She cooks, she cleans, she takes care of the kids, she loves you, and she is a therapist and a best friend. So, would it really be worth it to lose her over some silly spat?!

But you need patience and a lot of extra faith from God
To keep the family together at a time when it’s so regular to break apart

In a day and age when divorces are at an all-time high, take this advice from J. Cole. You need a lot of patience and will to keep a relationship/marriage alive for years and years. But it shall be done if you want to have peace of mind. Give her space, let Nicki Minaj calm down, and then go talk to her.

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