Taylor Swift 1989 medley by Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying

Listen to SUPERFRUIT Doing Taylor Swift’s 1989 Medley in Under 4 Minutes

I guess you have listened to the full ‘1989’ album by now–maybe even a couple hundred times. ‘1989‘ is one of those albums that can be listened from first track to the last without skipping a track–and on repeat. Well if you don’t have 70 minutes to listen to the entire album, we have the next best alternative. YouTube stars SUPERFRUIT have created an awesome 1989 medley compiling bits and pieces of all the tracks of the album. And it only takes 4 minutes to re-live the awesome memories of each track.

1989 Medley By SUPERFRUIT

Meet Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying who are YouTube stars who maintain their YouTube channel as SUPEFRUIT. They make random videos, do check them out and subscribe if you love them.

The duo takes us through the full ‘1989’ album starting from ‘Welcome To New York’ to ‘Clean’, and they do a perfect job. They do a full stanza on ‘Blank Space’,  because we all know that’s the best song on the album… When they come to ‘Bad Blood’, one of the guys does a very impressive bit of beat boxing while the other sings. That’s something to look forward to. They didn’t forget to wear two Taylor Swift 1989 T-shirts for the video as they performed.

Isn’t this the best ‘1989 medley’ ever? Or are there any more? Let us know…

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Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ became the hottest album of the year–being the only album to sell over a million copies in the opening week. This made Taylor Swift a world record holder as well. Taylor also announced ‘1989 World Tour’ a few days back.

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