Lana Del Rey – Love Song (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Love Song” is the sixth track on Lana Del Rey’s brand new studio album ‘Norman F*cking Rockwell’ released on August 30, 2019. Although the song is a production by Jack Antonoff, the song retains a slow melody to match the theme.

“Love Song” was first teased by Lana on her Instagram in December 2018. Later the song title was revealed in July 2019. This song is an ode to Lana’s partner. In an interview with the radio, Lana explained the making of this track;

So I went down there, we wrote a song in about half an hour and it was called “Love song”. It was one of those moments, you kinda like when you need a boyfriend that you’re like ‘oh my gosh’ like there’s something really good here, like we should definitely work here

Listen to “Love Song” by Lana Del Rey

Both Jack Antonoff and Lana Del Rey have contributed lyrics to the track and to the production. The singer talks about her favorite thing to do with her lover-ride in his car. The car ride is also used as a metaphor for having sex–“We go fast, we go so fast, we don’t move.” A later verse also suggests that Lana is eager to have sex in this car with him–“So spill my clothes on the floor of your new car.”

Lana also sings that she is broken on the inside and it is him that keeps all her pieces together. She feels whole with him and she wishes to feel this feeling forever.

Check out the complete lyrics and further meaning breakdown on Genius.

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