Shady XV Copies of Original 'Lose Yourself' Lyrics

Your Chance to Get Prints to Original “Lose Yourself” Lyrics Sketch

SHADYXV is just around the corner and the whole Shady Records crew is in full promotion mode for this event. The CXVPHER (cypher) was released a few days ago and it is so raw and brutal. ‘Lose Yourself’ is probably Eminem’s best work yet. He won an Oscar for ‘Lose Yourself’ for the Best Original Song. It was also the soundtrack of Eminem’s movie ‘8 Mile’.


CXVPHER is just the beginning. There are several ‘bundles’ of the new album you can buy/pre-order according to your preference. Full details can be found on

The most interesting bundle of all would be this $1,000 package where you get pretty much the ultimate Slim Shady fan experience. Let me take you through what’s in it for a thousand bucks.

  • 2 Disc CD bundle of Shady XV
  • 20”x14” print of the original ‘Lose Yourself’ lyric sketch (there are two pages)
  • The above print will be hand autographed by Eminem himself

So that is some next level Eminem-fan goodies right there. If you think $1,000 is a little too much, know that only 169 of these remain as of now.

There are two other bundles where you can get copies of the original ‘Lose Yourself’ lyrics, but both of those packages are already sold out. So this is your last opportunity.

Pre-Order SHADYXV on Amazon / iTunes


Shady XV will be released on November 24, 2014

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