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ZAYN Drops Vivid “Stand Still” Naturesque Music Video

If you are having a bad Monday, Zayn has the perfect cure for you. The 26-year-old singer released a brand new video for “Stand Still” track from his latest album ‘Icarus Falls‘ released in December 2018.

The “Stand Still” music video released today shows a picturesque edit of different nature shots from all around the world. All the shots captured from a higher elevation truly captures the beauty of the Earth-nature. What does this have to do with the lyrics meaning of the song?

In the song lyrics, Zayn draws some serious comparisons of this girl he is in love with, with the most amazing things about the nature. Vast blue skies, yellow birds, rain and rocks are some of the nature Zayn manages to encapsulate into the lyrics. However, the visuals of the song shows a lot more–beaches, plains, desserts, mountains, tree lines, glaciers, sand dunes, waterfalls and more. The video edits get more and more intense as the song progresses.

The song stands to say that despite all this beauty around the world, what catches his eyes are her beauty. The lyrics are as gorgeous as the scenery shown in the video. Check out the video below.

The second studio album since Zayn went solo in 2017, ‘Icarus Falls’ has some very impressive songs; “Entertainer,” “Fingers,” “Too Much,” “Let Me,” “Rainberry” and many more. Well, the album has a massive 27 song lineup.

Let us hear what you think about “Stand Still” song and music video by Zayn in the comments below. Remember to share this song with your friends as a definite cure to Monday blues.

Check out the song lyrics below.

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