Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud covers

Listen to These Insane Covers of “Thinking Out Loud”, Including a Reggae Version

Everytime we have come across Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”, we have made it a habit to praise how good the song is (it really is!). And at this point I have run out of colorful words to describe the beauty of this song. So I’m just going to jump into the subject at hand – Thinking Out Loud covers! The “Thinking Out Loud” track went global, it is still being streamed online, played on the radio and still on Billboard Hot 100. So naturally the amount of covers it has spawned is beyond measure. So like the previous top 5 covers list we did, we are going to get the help of ‘popularity’ and ‘uniqueness’ to filter out the best covers. And we think we have done quite well, since we ranked a Reggae version of “Thinking Out Loud” as number one! So now that we already jumped ahead of the flow, let’s take a look at the top 5 best Thinking Out Loud covers we came across.

Top 5 Best Thinking Out Loud Covers To Complete Your Music Experience

(01) Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran (Reggae Cover)


This is pretty amazing! This is like a complete different rendition of of the song, and it is. Never expected to hear a Reggae makeover of “Thinking Out Loud” and this just blew me away. ConkarahMusic from YouTube is credited for this cover and do check out their other covers of famous songs (I have my eye on Reggae cover of Bastille’s “Pompeii” next, should be epic!).

The best thing about this cover is that ConkarahMusic was able to make it their own version of “Thinking Out Loud”. The track is vastly different from the original and has a lot of touches of Reggae in it. The beat, music, rhythm and vocals are all perfectly in-line with a Reggae track. This complete makeover of “Thinking Out Loud” places this cover at the top of our list.

(02) Thinking Out Loud Acoustic Cover by Joseph Vincent

This is quite amazing. Joseph Vincent AKA “hoorahjencar” from YouTube has done a flawless cover of “Thinking Out Loud” with just his guitar as musical support. I love acoustic covers, and this is almost perfectly in tune (in par even?) with Ed’s acoustic version of “Thinking Out Loud”. The similarities are quite eerie! Acoustic covers require immense talent, and it takes guts to cover a profound artist like Ed Sheeran. So a take a bow Joseph Vincent, you have delivered a masterpiece! Do check out his YouTube channel for more amazing music work.

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(03) Thinking Out Loud Cover By Dermot Kennedy

Talk about giving a public performance! Dermot Kennedy (catch him on Glide) delivers an absolutely stunning cover of “Thinking Out Loud” on a crowded street. ” I don’t understand why people don’t stop and listen.. Like how could you not listen to this beautiful voice?!” asks Roos van Vlijmen in the comments of the video. Even we don’t understand, how this performance doesn’t cause a serious road block.

Anyway, I like how he managed to change certain bits and pieces of the original song to make this cover quite unique. His voice particularly works amazingly on this cover. Excellent work dude!

(04) Thinking Out Loud Duet by Max Schneider and Madilyn Bailey

This is pretty amazing work. Two of the hottest stars on YouTube Max Schneider and Madilyn Bailey combine their voices to create a beautiful duet of “Thinking Out Loud”. It is really amazing to see how the two voices switched constantly to bring a harmonious vocal range for the song. Max’s silky voice and Madilyn’s strong vocals make this a must-listen cover version.

The track has been recorded live in outdoors, so credits to the two artists for maintaining strong acoustics.

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(05)   Thinking Out Loud – Connie Talbot cover



Connie Talbot is amazing!! She is just 14 and listen to how profoundly covers “Thinking Out Loud” while playing the piano beautifully. She was humble enough to caption the video:

Did this today, couple of mistakes as im still learning the song, but i hope you like it.
ps, the big candle was moms idea. lol.


She is humble, has a super voice for a 14 year old and a talented piano player. I can’t see her music career going anywhere but towards greatness. This cover version of “Thinking Out Loud” specifically is quite amazing. She changes several pieces of the original song and totally owns it. The highs and lows came out perfect, in my opinion. Awesome work Connie!

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So there it is. These 5 (or 6) artists covered Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” in the most epic ways as far as we are concerned. But then again these are just 5 covers out of thousands out there. Easily we could have overlooked some incredible Thinking Out Loud covers. If you think we have overlooked anything, do mention it in the comments and also say why it is a better cover than anyone on out top 5 list.

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