Love Me Like You Do

15 HOT Pictures of ‘Fifty Shades’ Movie from “Love Me Like You Do”

Ellie Goulding released the official music video for “Love Me Like You Do” today. She released the song a few days ago and we reviewed it as HOT! If you thought the lyrics were hot, you should take a look at the music video of the song. Ellie Goulding, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan (from Fifty Shades of Grey movie footage) feature in the music video. For the most part Ellie Goulding is  seen ballroom dancing and singing with some lingerie on. The main attraction is towards the end of the music video where we get to see some S&M scenes from the upcoming movie. And it’s pretty hot!

Anastasia Steele and Mr. Grey in “Love Me Like You Do” Music Video

We get to see some new footage from the movie in this music video. Take a look at the video below.

What do you think? How were the last few clips of the video?


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We have some screenshots of the hottest scenes from the “Love Me Like You Do” music video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

15 Insanely Hot Pictures from Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

[All pictures were captured from the “Love Me Like You Do” music video]

So what do you think? Do you like what you see already? I think Fifty Shades of Grey will be a pretty hot movie, but it won’t be an explicit movie. I think the scenes depicted here are more or less what we will see in the movie as well. Either way it will be pretty darn hot to watch it with your partner. Prepare a date for February 14, 2015!

Just earlier this week The Weeknd released the official music video for “Earned It” which is also a hot track from Fifty Shades of Grey movie soundtrack.

We are excited for the movie. Are you?

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