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Lil Pump Teaches Class 2 of Pump University on Success 101

‘Lil Pump is having way too much fun,’ has been out tagline for this 18-year-old American rapper. He recently premiered his much anticipated sophomore studio album ‘Harverd Dropout‘ in 2019 and is now the headmaster, and the only teacher of his own educational institue: Pump Universiity.

Lil Pump taught the first lesson of the online courses of Pump University on ‘Health 101.’ He did drop some interesting and factually obscure tips and lessons on staying healthy in the first episode. He also taught us how to be more like ‘Dr Pump.’

On March 13, Pump dropped the second episode of Pump University online educational series. This episode is all about success. This lesson will teach you how to be ‘financially stable’ says Pump giving an intro to the class.

Lil Pump makes an appearance wearing a tweed jacket and matching trousers, and eating a chicken wing. And here starts the Lil Lessons.

Lil Lesson 01: Get clout – “Real success isn’t about how much you make. It’s about how much clout you got.”
Lil Lesson 02: Worship Pump – “You were like a God to us,” calls an alien from Jupiter wanting to come to Earth.
Lil Lesson 03: Brag about how great you are

There you go. Some valid and extremely important life lessons laid out in today’s lesson by Dr. Pump! (JK!)

Watch the full episode below.

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