taylor swift friends with diplo at grammy after party 2015

Taylor Swift is Friends with Diplo Too At Grammy After Party

This is quite amazing to be honest. Enemies are made easily, but not so much for friendships. Taylor Swift made amends with Kanye West after 6 years of that Kanye West-Taylor Swift moment at 2009 VMAs. The two spoke, smiled, laughed, took pictures and even hugged at the Grammy awards last night. It was amazing to see how fast they forgave and forgot. Both seemed really happy and basically acted like brand new BFFs.

Diplo has been taking swings at Taylor Swift for quite a while now. The 36 year old DJ/producer very openly hashed Taylor Swift’s ‘skinny’ body and then went on to attack Taylor Swift’s fandom as well. Taylor Swift did not bother to respond to these immature attacks. But Taylor’s BFF, Lorde, did went on a rant on Twitter about how tiny must be Diplo’s privates to act like such a jerk.

But then this picture surfaces on the Internet, at the Grammy After Party

Yes, that is Diplo and Taylor Swift posing for a picture together. Looks like they have buried the hatchet too. Another Grammy win for Taylor Swift, although not a golden cup, she won another friendship, and Taylor’s friendships last! Taylor Swift is seen sipping a drink after at the Grammy after party. They are seated next to each other too.

Looks like Taylor Swift decided to be the bigger person again and let all of Diplo’s immature slams be a thing of the past. That’s why we say Taylor Swift is the best role model there is. It would be interesting to see if Diplo will ever apologize for the things he said to Taylor.

Even though Taylor Swift didn’t grab a Grammy last night, she still made the best out of the night. She is probably the artist who had most fun at the 2015 Grammy Awards. And we are happy for it for her. More than anything she won two friendships and that is more valuable than any golden gramophones.

Next up Katy Perry! And that’s an important one.

Also stay tuned with us for more Grammy after party events and pictures…

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