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Yelawolf Shares “Mountain Dew Mouth” Freestyle Leading to ‘Trunk Muzik III’ Album

Yelawolf is in full promotional mode for his final album with Shady Records. Eminem signed in the Alabama based rapper Yelawolf in 2011 and he has already released 3 albums under the record label. Upcoming ‘Trunk Muzik III’ would be Yelawolf’s fourth studio album and 3rd in the ‘Trunk Muzik’ series.

Yelawolf has been dropping a new freestyle every week in the most part of 2019. “Mountain Dew Mouth” or “Mtn Dew Mouth” is the seventh in the fresstyle series dropped since February. And as usual, YelaWolf goes into a blistering rap mode to get some things off of his chest.

‘Mountain Dew Mouth’ in the medical terminology is “serious tooth decay problem that is plaguing some children who drink large amounts of the popular soft drink made by PepsiCo.” Hence, the rapper might be indicating that the stuff coming out from his mouth is as decayed as this medical condition.

“Dirty white boys like me from the South got plenty shit to talk about
Like a front porch with a couch
What, you ain’t never heard of Mountain Dew Mouth?”

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Yelawolf released a black and white music video to go along with the freestyle, in which we see the rapper blasting off in the studio. The track contains an impressive violin music and a deafening siren to intensify the overall effect.

Watch the “Mountain Dew Mouth” Freestyle by Yelawolf below.

In this freestyle, the rapper shouts out to his record label “Still Shady” and also reveals his next album project ‘Ghetto Cowboy.’

Previously, Yelawolf released “Elvis Messy,” “Skallywag Freestyle,” “Billy Goat,” “Jesco White Freestyle,” “Pinto Bean” and “Gangsta Walk” fresstyles in January and February 2019.

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