Ne yo "She Knows" remix with French Montana and Fabolous

Ne-Yo’s “She Knows” Gets a French Montana & Fabolous Remix

Ne-Yo came out with a brand new album ‘Non-Fiction‘ last month (Jan 27, 2015 release date). The album had been recorded a year (2013-14) ago, and released in 2015 despite the lack of new Ne-Yo music. However the album was a success. The lead single off the sixth studio album of Ne-Yo is “She Knows” featuring Juicy-J. Both Ne-Yo and Juicy J does some good music on the track–screams of classic Ne-Yo and Juicy J stuff.

“She Knows” got a work over a couple of days ago and was released today. The new remix features French Montana and Fabulous’s talents. Listen below.

Listen to “She Knows” Remix by Ne-Yo Ft. Juicy J, French Montana & Fabolous

The remix isn’t on iTunes or Amazon as of now.

This isn’t the first time “She Knows” got remixed. Before French Montana and Fabulous got hands on it, Trey Songz, The-Dream and T-Pain worked it over too. “She Knows” is a slow-paced classic Ne-Yo track. The remixes have taken the track to whole new levels. Both remixes seemed to have blown in more energy to the original verses. Listen to the Trey Songz remix below.

The original version of “She Knows” is on iTunes and Amazon.

Ne-Yo “She Knows” remix with French Montana and Fabolous

We are in love with the new remix and the original version alike, maybe a little more love towards the original. As a single the track performed extremely well to promote the ‘Non-Fiction’ album.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on the original and the two remixes.

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