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Little Mix – Told You So (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Little Mix released their 5th studio album aptly named ‘LM5’ 2 days back and this one is quite special. A majority of the songs on the album are about self-love, self-confidence, female empowerment and bond. Songs such as “Strip,” “The Cure” and “Woman Like Me” from the album are dedicated to the above themes. The 9th track on the album “Told You So” is no different. Don’t get confused by the titled-this song does not say ‘I told you so…’

“Told You So” was released on November 9th, a week before the album release, as a promotional single. Little Mix announced the song release on their Instagram profile and captioned that this song relates to the LM girls-Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall-the most.

So, this is a special song for Little Mix and the message conveyed in the song is special to all of the fans.

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As the girls mention, this song is about sticking together with each other no matter what comes and goes. Little Mix has been together since winning the season 8 of The X Factor UK in 2011. They have released 5 studio albums since and are a major selling gig now. The girls will perform in UK and Ireland in 2019 for their ‘LM5 Tour.’

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Told You So”

Verse 1

It is quite adorable how Jesy confronts her heartbroken friend. She consoles her friend asking her to relax, breathe and give some time to heal. Jesy says that they knew all along this boy was playing with her, and tried to warn her as well. They may have explicitly or implicitly warned her. But she had to find it out herself to believe it, and now she is heartbroken.


Jade joins in to console her friend. She affirms that no boy will love her as the Little Mix girls would. This is sort of a “we got you” message to make her feel safe and not alone after the breakup.


Now the Little Mix girls turn this to a slumber party to console her friend. They want to gather some wine and wipes and make some hot tea and sit around and talk him out of her system. Sounds like a solid plan!

The girls also say that they warned about this boy. But they would not go so far as to say “told you so” because that is generally considered quite rude.

Verse 2

Now begins the bashing.

Little Mix girls convince the broken-hearted girl that his best friend was hotter than her ex. And they also bring in points to prove that he is a cheating soul and she deserves better. They even mock his jokes saying they lacked ‘content.’ After this bashing session with wine and tea, she should be alright. She knows that her friends got her back no matter what happens in her personal life.

This song is about true friendship which is hard to come by these days.

Do let us know if you enjoyed “Told You So” by Little Mix. Mind sharing your own version of heartbreak and recovery in the comments below?

Complete Lyrics to “Told You So” by Little Mix


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