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Anne-Marie – Our Song Ft. Niall Horan | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Our Song” is the long-awaited collaboration between Anne-Marie and Niall Horan. The duo started teasing the song around early May and the song and visuals dropped on May 21, 2021. In the song, both of them sing about a time when they were with their special others. Even though they are not with them anymore, the feelings they had for each other are not completely lost on them.

With the release of “Our Song,” Anne-Marie announced her second studio album ‘Therapy’ due to release on July 23, 2021. So far, she has released singles such as “Don’t Play” with KSI and “Way Too Long.”

Anne-Marie Tweeted about working with Niall Horan on the music video; “had the best time shooting this with @NiallOfficial ! It was so cold but I had 12 blankets and 4 hot water bottles hidden around me in the car hahahah. HOPE YOU LOVE IT.”

Watch “Our Song” by Anne-Marie Ft. Niall Horan

“Our Song” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Niall Horan says how he is perfectly fine living on his own. In the context of the song, this speaks to how he is doing ‘fine’ without her in his life. However, fans do predict that he could be talking about his solo career away from One Direction.

Niall says that he is okay with waking up on his own all by himself under his bedsheets. He would rather have it this way than be with the wrong person. But was she the wrong person?

Every once in a while, she does creep into his head. Especially when that one song plays on the radio–the one song that they made their own. Maybe they slow danced to it. Maybe they had their first kiss together for that song.

Anne-Marie shares the same experience. She sings that she is better on her own. But every once in a while that song plays on the radio and she is flooded with memories. However, the good news is that these memories are not so bad;

When I hear it I just can’t stop smiling (Ooh)

It reminds them of the good times they had. And that is a good way for a relationship to end.

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