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2015 Movie ‘Southpaw’ Has a New Eminem Song in it.

Jake Gyllenhaal has taken up a role in a new movie coming out in July, 2015. The movie titled ‘Southpaw’ will feature a story about a boxer who jumps into the fame, only to find his personal life crumbling around him. Then he fights back for his personal life–his daughter. Jake looks amazingly built in the movie and looks a proper boxer. The story line seems interesting enough. What intrigued us more was the last few seconds of the trailer.

Watch Southpaw Official Movie Trailer

Yes, that’s Eminem screaming “phenomenal” at the end of the trailer. As usual, Eminem is silent about the new song and so are all other parties associated with Eminem. It’s all just speculations for now. But one thing we do know is, we will get to listen to this new Eminem song once the Southpaw soundtrack is out. It should be out in a couple of months–yes, that’s a long wait for new Eminem music.

The Southpaw movie even has 50 Cent on it, along with Rachel McAdams and Rita Ora.

There are rumors that this new track is named “Phenomenal”, but it’s too early to even speculate anything.

Stay connected with us for more information on the new Eminem song from the Southpaw movie soundtrack. In the meantime leave a comment about the movie, actors and the song snippet.

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