zayn malik debut solo single i won't mind

Listen to Zayn Malik’s Debut Solo Single “I Won’t Mind” Prod. by Naughty Boy

How long has it been since the great fall out? Zayn Malik left One Direction last week. He had good motives and we are supportive of his decision. It is true that 1D will never be the same again, but it is not the end of One Direction, as per what we hear from the remaining members of the boy band. So it’s all good.

Zayn left One Direction saying he wanted to lead a normal life of a 22-year old. And little did we know normal 22-year old produce amazing music. So is the case for Zayn’s latest hot upcoming single “I Won’t Mind.” The moody melody isn’t officially released yet, but “I Won’t Mind” producer Naughty Boy released the full track on SoundCloud a couple of days ago, shocking the entire world.

It is difficult to say if other 1D members knew of this song, because it had to be recorded while they were still a group. The released song received a lot of outrage from 1D fans, so Naughty Boy had to take it off of SoundCloud. But nothing gets deleted off of the Internet, and someone uploaded the full single to YouTube.

Listen to Zayn Malik’s Latest Solo Single “I Won’t Mind”

I don’t know if this is Zayn’s official YouTube page or not. If anyone can confirm, it will be great help for everybody.

And how good is “I Won’t Mind” by Zayn Malik? I was never into One Direction as a band-but individually they are all so good. And Zayn just proved me right with this amazing music work. The tune, beat, the guitars, the lyrics and everything is so touchy and mesmerizing. His voice is great.

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We are totally in love with Zayn the solo artist. What do you think? Think he can make it as a solo artist? How will 1D plan ahead without Zayn Malik. Let us know.

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