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New Tecn N9ne Collaboration with Eminem on “Speedom” Announced

We have heard the rumors. Then Tech N9ne confirmed the collaboration on a live stage performance. According to the announcement, he (Tech N9ne) had already completed his lyrics to the collaboration and was awaiting Eminem’s verses to it. He said it was going to be epic–we have no doubts.

The new track from Tech N9ne’s upcoming album, ‘Special Effects’, is titled “Speedom (WWC2)” and it is the part 2 of previously released “World Wide Choppers” collaboration. The new track is done in collaboration with Eminem and Krizz Kaliko.

“Speedom” is scheduled to be released on April 20, 2015, prior to the album release. There’s even a countdown at

Preview “Speedom” by Tech N9ne featuring Eminem

This trailer for ‘Special Effects’ album shows the thought process of Tech N9ne behind the creation of the album. It’s pretty inspiring. Around the 50 second mark we hear some music–and it is none other than “Speedom.” It sounds like pretty intense song, with rapid fire lyrics.

This is how Tech N9ne confirmed the collaboration with Eminem and revealed the release date of the track.

We are so pumped up. Tech N9ne mentioned that it is going to be one trippy song, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from these lyricists. Expect some heavy battles on this collab.

Can’t wait till the 20th.

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