taylor swift 22 weeks on billboard artist 100 list

Taylor Swift is the Leading Artist for 22 Weeks on Billboard Artist 100

Taylor Swift has been quite unstoppable in the recent past. This only accelerated when her most successful ‘1989’ album was released in the latter part of 2014. The success she has been having only multiplied by several times with the release of this album, although it crossed genres from Country to Pop.

Since November, 2014 or so, Taylor Swift had been leading Billboard Artist 100 list. This is the ultimate artist ranking. It encompasses almost all the aspects of an artist-musical and social to rank the top spots.

This is how Billboard themselves define Artist 100 list;

The Artist 100 is the first weekly survey dedicated to measuring artist activity across Billboard’s most influential charts, including the Hot 100 songs chart, Top Album Sales and the Social 50. The Artist 100 blends data measuring album and track sales, radio airplay, streaming and social media fan interaction to provide a weekly multi-dimensional ranking of artist popularity.

So it is clear that when you are on top of the Artist 100 list, you are basically on top of the music world. And Taylor Swift has been on top of the world.

Currently Taylor Swift has spent a total of 22 weeks as number one Artist 100 celebrity. The chart was initiated in July 2014. So Taylor Swift is the artist with the highest number of top spots on this chart.

Sam Smith is next to Taylor Swift, and he is nowhere closer to Taylor, as he has a mere 3 weeks on top of Artist 100 list.

Out other favorite artists such as Maroon 5 (second spot), Wiz Khalifa (third spot, propelled by “See You Again” track) and Ed Sheeran (fourth spot) are also on the Artist 100 list next to Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s massively successful singles off of ‘1989’ were a huge assist to retain Taylor at the number one spot on the chart. She also performed on countless live stages, radios and talk shows during the past few months. Her music videos from ‘1989’ are blockbuster hits. And she will soon begin The 1989 World Tour, which will ensure Taylor Swift’s reign on Billboard Artist 100 chart for an extended period of time.

Taylor Swift’s social life is at an all time high. She continuously interacts with her Tubmlr Swifties and makes regular updates on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. She manages to sneak in her fans into her hectic schedule, which is very admirable considering the stature of Taylor Swift.

A huge congratulations to the world’s sweetheart Taylor Swift from us at JustRandomThings. May your success forever grow in the years to come.

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