new untitled song by kendrick lamar snippet

Snippet of Kendrick Lamar’s New Untitled Song (Leaked)

The last time Kendrick Lamar released an untitled track, it caused some major stir in the music industry. The musical and lyrical masterpiece he debuted at the Colbert Report is still out there untitled and album-less.

However, yesterday, another genius piece of music surfaced online. Kendrick Lamar’s undeniable lullabies with some new tunes and a female voice. This new untitled track is merely 1.35 seconds long and is a snippet of something bigger and better.

In the new untitled track, Kendrick Lamar sings…

“Temptation, sweet,  taste it, that casino waitress drinks, sedated. You da one I want, you da one I want, face it…”

Listen to the snippet below.

As usual, this King Kendrick track too contains some insightful and lyrically profound lines, and a meaning hidden underneath it all. We will analyse the meaning behind this once the full track has surfaced.

Until we get the full release, enjoy this new snippet by Kendrick Lamar and leave a comment about this piece of music.

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