blank space hits 1 billion views on youtube

“Blank Space” Hits 1 Billion Views

Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” was not released far back, but it did reach 1 billion views on YouTube the fastest among the very few videos to have done so.

Only 5 music videos have 1 billion plus views on YouTube and Katy Perry owns two of them-the most by a single artist. However, Taylor Swift is not far behind. “Blank Space” is the 4th most viewed music video with 1,002,685,253 views and counting. PSY’s international blockbuster music video “Gangnam Style” is still the most viewed music video with 2,370,508,044 views. It’s hard to say if “Blank Space” will ever pass that record, but Taylor Swift is on her way to share the record with Katy Perry.

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift is closing in on 1 billion views on YouTube. It’s currently at 917 million views.

Swifties all over the world have been working towards getting “Blank Space” to 1 billion views. Now they are trying to get “Shake It Off” to 1 billion. Looks like they will succeed. If that happens, Taylor and Katy will share the record for most 1 billion + views on music videos achievement.

If you want to help Tay get two videos with 1 billion views on them, watch “Shake It Off” above and re-watch “Blank Space” just for the sake of it.

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