taylor swift wildest dreams music video review

Taylor Swift Releases Cinematic “Wildest Dreams” Music Video (Review)

After the release of the unexpectedly hot “Style” music video, we were expecting Taylor to make an even hotter music video for “Wildest Dreams” for obvious reasons. The obvious reason being that “Wildest Dreams” is probably the hottest lyrics Taylor Swift has written so far. We even reviewed “Wildest Dreams” lyrics keeping that expectation in mind. But of course, Taylor had something else in mind.

Taylor Swift released the “Wildest Dreams” music video yesterday and it is gorgeous-well she is gorgeous, the nature is gorgeous and for the female fans out there Scott Eastwood is gorgeous.

“Wildest Dreams” music video takes us back to an 80’s movie set in wild wild Africa. Taylor is dressed classy and elegantly and Scott Eastwood is dressed in rugged clothes. Taylor’s signature ‘red lips’ make an appearance in these visuals too.

As the video progresses, we come to realize that the lead actress of the movie-Taylor Swift-is in love with the lead male role-Scott Eastwood. It is pretty clear that this is not a one-sided love. Scott has very strong feelings for Taylor too. The raw emotions of love is perfectly demonstrated via the wild animals, lightning and what not. Joseph Khan (the director of the video) is a pretty creative guy in that regard.

Watch “Wildest Dreams” Music Video

9 million+ views in just over a day proves that the Swiftie fandom loves the music video too. What is not there to love? There’s passion, beauty and nature.

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The movie shooting goes extremely well for the budding couple as they have fun and romance behind the scenes. But the movie premier proves earth-shattering to Taylor as Scott arrives with his date to the red carpet.

We loved it from top to bottom. Even better news is that all proceedings from this music video will be donated towards wild life conservation via African Parks Foundation of America. So everytime you watch it and buy it on iTunes and Amazon all of the earnings will go for a good cause as well. So spread the message, share this article and enjoy a beautiful Taylor Swift and a story and help a cause as well.

Also let us know if you enjoyed the music video. Was it up to your expectations?

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