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Taylor Swift Performs with Justin Timberlake on 1989 World Tour

It was another special day at the Staples Center as Taylor Swift continued to perform for a full house for the 5th consecutive day in the same venue. The 1989 Tour’s special guest list got a whole lot brighter on August 26 as Taylor brought out Justin Timberlake on stage to perform his hit single “Mirrors.” Watch the mesmerizing performance below.

It doesn’t stop there. Taylor’s next big guest star was none you’d imagine. She is Lisa Kudrow and they performed a beautiful “Smelly Cat” on stage. Watch it below.


If you thought those were good, wait, it gets even bigger. Long time BFFs Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez also took stage on the Staples Center to the much ecstasy of the crowd. They performed Selena’s latest hit single “Good For You” as the crowd went beserk. Watch their performance below.

There you go. This too could be looked upon as one of the best concerts the music world has seen in a while. Looking at the guest list during the full 1989 World Tour so far, it is pretty clear that Taylor Swift has got some real A-list friends-some you wouldn’t even imagine.

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