We Don’t Talk Anymore music video charlie puth selena gomez review

Charlie Puth Premiers “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Video with Selena Gomez (Review)

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” is already a global hit and timing couldn’t have been better to release this creative music video for the song. The track was released as a single from Charlie Puth’s latest album ‘Nine Track Mind’ and featured vocals by Selena Gomez. From the moment it came out, it was destined to be successful.

The music video for “We Don’t Talk Anymore” contains the life of the former couple, now trying to move on. Both are in different places and lead similar/different lives. The entire music video is split into two screens and shows their lives side-by-side. They try to reconnect in the morning and before bed, to no avail. Their relationship is broken beyond repair.

Watch “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Music Video

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking
You’ve been looking for
I wish I would have known that wasn’t me
‘Cause even after all this time I still wonder
Why I can’t move on
Just the way you did so easily

The music video has already accumulated over 4 million views in YouTube in just over 24 hours. Those stats speak to it’s success.

We are in love with the creativity that went into the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” music video, and it sure is a treat for Charlie Puth fans and Selenators. What are your views on the music video? Did it live up to your expectations?

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