Kendrick Lamar new album

New Kendrick Lamar Album Expected Early 2015

Kendrick Lamar is ready to conquer the hip hop/rap charts once again. He debuted a new untitled song on the final episode of “The Colbert Report”. We expected it to be a single or a promo track of the upcoming new album. But the Compton rapper has said the untitled single won’t make it to the new album. Just when we thought he had Done himself a little advertising (actually the song went viral-it’s that good).

Kendrick Lamar appeared on the latest issue of Billboard magazine and spoke about the upcoming album.

“My enjoyment is creating the music. Once it gets pressed up, with bar codes on it, then it’s not really fun anymore.”

Kendrick Lamar is an artist by definition. He wants to stay true to himself-not hug life-no blings and guns-no talk of street power! His passion is creating music and that’s the only thing he believes in.

About the new untitled track not being on the album Kendrick said;

“I just like the energy,” he says. “I didn’t go on there to sell a single. I just did what I felt.”

Shame. I really liked that song.

Anyway new Kendrick Lamar album is just around the corner. “The end is in sight” he added about the upcoming album. We are so stoked about the album and what it holds for the music world.

Let us know how you feel about the new album.

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