tove lo under the influence ft whiz khalifa lyrics review

Tove Lo Releases “Influence” Single with Wiz Khalifa (Lyrics Review)

Tove Lo is a new Pop sensation who has been getting a lot of attention lately due to her unique style of music. She released “Cool Girl” single from her upcoming album ‘Lady Wood’ due on October this year. However, today Tove Lo released yet another single from her album. This track is title “Influence” and does not sway far away from her cool and freaky nature.

Single artwork for
Single artwork for “Influence” by Tove Lo

“Influence” (or “Under the Influence”) features vocals or a rap verse by Wiz Khalifa, which is the first collaboration on her upcoming album.

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The lyrics to the song goes in the lines of;

First line, take mine; I’m fine as fuck
Love myself tonight and I think you can feel the same
Moonshine, good time; babe, you’re in luck
Cause I will do whatever comes to mind
You’ll go insane

Tove Lo is intoxicated, and that is the whole premise to this song. What is she intoxicated on is the remaining question. She is in love and it could be that she is high on love. Or she literally could be high on drugs or booze. In the very first verse she does mention ‘moonshine’ which is a term for distilled spirits or simply alcohol. So she starts playing with our heads.

She is intoxicated on whatever and she is ready to have some fun with her partner tonight.


You know I’m under the influence
So don’t trust every word I say, I say
When I’m under the influence
It’s a blur, but I want my way, my way
You know I’m under the influence
So don’t trust every word I say, I say
Sounds good without making sense
It’s a blur, but I want my way, my way
When I’m under the influence

The chorus of “Influence” does little to help us resolve our question. She is ‘under the influence’ which is a very common term used to describe a felony done while that person was drunk. But on the other hand, she could be very much in love that she doesn’t see things clearly, and hence the reasoning behind “don’t trust a word I say” and “it’s a blur” lyrics.

Second verse of “Influence” clears the mist

Take off, liquor; I feel the beat
Hold onto the floor but I keep spinnin’ round and round
Swing me, baby, back on my feet
Hiding in the crowd; we’re making love without a sound

Things I say don’t usually come easily
There’s one thing I need you now to know ’bout me

Tove Lo explicitly mentions ‘liquor’ in this line and now we feel as if she might be high on love and booze at the same time. She starts to feel the beat-which is something that happens when people get tipsy. She says she is holding on to the floor but the floor keeps spinning around. Now we definitely know what’s up with her.

Sing Under “Influence” with Tove Lo

It’s yet another catchy tune by Tove Lo and her upcoming album is turning out to be pretty funky. There will be a couple more singles before the album release and we can’t wait to see what she has to offer.

In the meantime make sure to leave your thoughts about Tove Lo and the new single “Influence”. Your jam or meh?

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