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First Picture from “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” Video Shared by Taylor Swift

It’s Zayn’s birthday today and Taylor Swift picked the most exciting way to wish her co-star on “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” track from Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. According to verified rumors Zayn and Taylor Swift are currently recording “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” music video in London and it’s quite crazy on the set. So Taylor Swift released the first ever picture from the video and it looks pretty dark and ominous.

Taylor Swift Shares “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” Picture


Taylor captioned the photo Happy Z Day, like the true fan she is.

The released photo is Taylor Swift and Zayn leaning on their backs in a dark and ominous room and they look quite moody. We heard that there is a lot of ‘destruction’ taking place in the set (an actual hotel room) where the video is being shot. So this picture might be from the remnants of the said room. The music video is said to be very sexy, with Zayn dressed in full suites and Taylor Swift wearing sexy black garters.

Anyway, now we do know that Taylor Swift is really in the music video which previously was a doubted fact as Taylor was not to be seen outside the hotel in London.

When will it release?

The picture shared by Taylor Swift looks to be a final version of the video. There are no post-edit markings on the screen and lighting and composure looks to be pretty solid. So the music video could be already finished or at least in post-processing stage. It should be ready within the coming week, but the actual release date may be further down. However, since the movie is set out to release on February 14th, we can definitely expect the music video to be released earlier.

Happy Birthday Zayn!!!

Zayn turns 24 today (January 12) and we would take this opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday and many more successes to come. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is already on the top charts and breaking records.

Leave a comment below on what your expectations are for the #IDWLF music video and don’t forget to wish Zayn an awesome day.

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