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Watch Ed Sheeran Perform “Castle On The Hill” & “Shape Of You” Live at BRITs

There would be no BRITs without Ed Sheeran performing in it as he is the proud owner of the biggest hit in the world right now with “Shape Of You” from his upcoming album ‘Divide.’ So he performed “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill” live at the BRIT Awards 2017 to a crowd that went absolutely wild.

Ed Sheeran brought his usual companion-the acoustic guitar, but he was also accompanied on stage with Stormzy who delivered a rap verse in between “Shape Of You.” It was an electrifying performance from the start till the end.

Watch Ed Sheeran Perform “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You” with Stormzy

The best part about Ed’s performance is that there is absolutely no auto-tune, backup singers, backup dancers, but only pure talent for absolute six minutes.

Stormzy’s verse is as follows (credits to YouTube).

I’ve gotta tell you, I’m in love with your shape
You said them other bruddas couldn’t really juggle your weight
And you were shy in the beginning, used to cover your face
Got that sweet, sweet loving, I’m a sucker for cake
I know, doll, you got a body they would kill for
Love you through whatever, who you tryna skip a meal for?
Doll, you’re too precious, why you tryna split the bill for?
I ain’t even gassing, they should have you up on billboards, that’s real talk
You can go to work and let me pick up the slack
And when you’ve finished what you’re doing, we’ll be kicking it back
You can listen to my songs until you’re sick of my raps
And I’ve got money in the bank, but not a figure like that
Got me looking at your shape, man I’ve already won
Tryna kill the game like my brother Teddy done
I ain’t even tryna play it cool ‘cuh this is bigger than my pride
Let me multiply your lovin’, then I hit you with Divide, done

Stormzy did manage to sneak in some interesting stuff in his verse. Like, several references to “Shape Of You”, Ed getting on Billboard Hot 100 chart (we kind of expect ‘Divide’ album to be the top album on Billboard 200 chart as well), Teddy is the nickname of Ed Sheeran and a shout out to Ed’s albums ‘Multiply’ and ‘Divide.’ The rap verse kind of worked well with the song.

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