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Watch Imagine Dragons Perform “Whatever It Takes” Live from YouTube Space

The YouTube Space in LA has produced so many good live songs by some of the best artists. Carly Rae Jepsen, LeAnn Rimes, BØRNS, The Struts and the list goes on. Imagine Dragons performed some tracks from their last album ‘Smoke + Mirrors‘ at the YouTube Space as well. So it was only justifiable that they return to this amazing studio to perform some music from their latest album ‘EVOLVE.’

Imagine Dragons took on the live performance session, performing “It’s Time,” “Believer,” “Thunder” and “Whatever It Takes.”

Imagine Dragons Perform “Whatever It Takes” Live at YouTube Space LA

If there’s one thing this band does right, is their music. It is so different and fresh everytime a new song comes out. In a way, that had us hooked to their music. There is a minute long music-only segment which has us zoned out.

Below are their other performances.

“Believer” Live from YouTube Space LA

“Thunder” Performed Live by Imagine Dragons

The band, however, did not forget to pay tribute to their humble roots. Imagine Dragons also performed “Radioactive” live during this performance session. That is the song that actually put the group on the world map.

Dan Reynolds-the lead vocalist of the band, does an amazing job in performing all these tracks live. And he receives an equally amazing backup from the instruments. It all falls into place perfectly.

Purchase ‘EVOLVE’ album on iTunes and Amazon for more amazing songs as above.

What was your favorite performance out of the lot? Comment below.


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