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Here are All the Types of “BITCH” People You Find in a Party by Lennon Stella

Have you ever walked through a house party and wondered how each of these people are on the inside? Then you start making assumptions and judgements based on their looks and behaviour? Well, Lennon Stella is here to give us the full inside scoop about a bunch of guys and a bunch of girls at what looks like a dead-beat house party. A lot of them fall into the category of “BITCH” and the singer admits she is one too.

The brand new video and single “BITCH” comes after Lennon Stella’s latest EP ‘Love Me.’ The album released back in November 16, 2018 and contained 5 tracks titled “Bad,” “Breakaway,” “Feelings,” “La Di Da” and “Fortress.”

The new “BITCH” music video also featurres a cameo by Maddie Ziegler and a whole bunch of other people which she gives credits at the outro. According to ET Online, the Maddie Ziegler cameo came together through Stella’s sister-Maisy who is best friends with Maddie.

Lennon Stella also spoke about the inspiration behind this song;

“It was just a concept and an idea. This guy calling a girl a ‘Bitch,’ and, almost in a joking way, instead of taking it, she stands up for herself and she’s like, ‘You’re being a little bitch!’ It’s like that’s the thing that’s not usually said back to a guy. … There’s a bit of girl power in it, you know? I think it’s just a cool idea that we ran with.”

Watch the music video below.

The music video for “BITCH” takes place inside a house where Lennon Stella is walking through the crowds and telling us about each of them. Her inner thoughts about each person appears in a thought bubble. She is having a fight with her boyfriend which boils down into her going harsh at every other person at the party. He calls her a bitch and she recoils “it takes a bitch to know a bitch!.”

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