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The Chainsmokers Premier “Young” Lyric Video (Review)

The Chainsmokers have been so successful over their short span in worldwide music and their 2017 album ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ dropped in April. One of the songs from the album is “Young” and the duo has released a lyric video for the song which has us wondering if this is a love song or a best friend anthem.

“Young” video consists of a series of pictures from The Chainsmokers duo-Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall from their childhood up to now. The series includes baby pictures, bloodied noses, notorious boyish stuff, teenage rebelling, the two meeting, skiing, trips with their girlfriends, them producing music in their early stages, growing up together, a shot of their Grammy Award for “Don’t Let Me Down” and headlining massive concerts.

The song has been written by Andrew Taggart, Peter Hanna, Sean Jacobs and Taylor Bird, while the lyric video was directed by Rory Kramer.

Watch Lyric Video for “Young”

We were so young when we thought that we knew how to love
Fought about anything, everything led to dysfunction
But we just gotta own that shit
Don’t let it go like this
Maybe we can go from this, yeah

The song speaks about the ups and downs of love when you are young and know no better. But they say, if you fight it through, that love will be the most beautiful thing ever. This doesn’t necessarily have to be about the love between two partners. Even brotherly love that exists between two people like Andrew and Alex could very well relate to these lyrics.

You can download ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ Album on iTunes and Amazon and check out the other songs from their debut studio album.

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