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Watch Katy Perry Perform “Swish Swish” Live Inside a Giant BB Net

Katy Perry went on The Voice Australia to perform her latest hit single “Swish Swish” live and it wasn’t your ordinary live act. It was quite electrifying from the start, as is the rhythm of the song. At the end however, all the dancers including Katy Perry gets trapped in a basket ball net, literally, just like the song says “another one in the basket.” The crowd loses their minds.

Katy Perry is dressed in all red, see through, track suit kind of attire with a hoodie and her backup dancers in yellow with red caps. It is all colorful and bright and fast paced.

Swish, swish, bish
Another one in the basket
Can’t touch this
Another one in the casket

Watch Katy Perry Perform “Swish Swish” Live on The Voice Australia


The lyrics of the song are quite cut throat for whoever she intended this song for. Taylor Swift? Doubt it, since Katy publicly announced that she is ready to bury the hatchet with her.

Your game is tired
You should retire
You’re ’bout as cute as
An old coupon expired
And karma’s not a liar
She keeps receipts

But then again… Taylor Swift is very cute and Katy called her a liar for her explanation of the feud between them.

A tiger
Don’t lose no sleep
Don’t need opinions
From a shellfish or a sheep

A tiger? Who is the tiger? Katy Perry the “Roar” singer perhaps? And who is the sheep?

The infamous Tweet about Taylor Swift back from 2014. So yeah, connect the dots if you may.

So keep calm, honey, I’mma stick around
For more than a minute, get used to it
Funny my name keeps comin’ out your mouth
‘Cause I stay winning
Lay ’em up like

What pity fights does is, you let your enemy live rent free in your head forever and you keep doing frantic things drenched in delusions. But in showbiz, it is said that, ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity.’

Getting back to the performance, I think Katy Perry did a wonderful job in performing the song live and making the act very interesting.

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