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“Full Speed” & “Rebel Heart” Albums Leak Online

You can be a legendary POP-icon or an aspiring hip hop artist, but the way things are right now, your new album will get leaked online before the official release date. All the previous albums released in 2015 and 2014 got leaked days or weeks before they officially hit the shelves. This has been a common occurrence for all music albums from Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ to Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’ to the latest Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’.

Two albums got leaked just days apart.

Kid Ink & Madonna Albums Leak Before Release Date

Kid Ink released his second studio album on February 03, 2015 and the full albums leaked online two days before the above date. We don’t know how worse this will impact the album sales, but the reviews for the ‘Full Speed’ album on leaked sources are very positive. So we can optimistically think that these reviews will up the already down album sales somewhat.

The latest music albums leak happened just hours ago. The highly anticipated ‘Rebel Heart’ album by Madonna leaked online few hours ago and is making free rounds on the Internet as I type this. The Super Deluxe edition of ‘Rebel Heart’ which contains a staggering 25 tracks, is available for download free of charge on the Internet. This is saddening to see. ‘Rebel Heart’ album release date is set to March 10, 2015, so this album leak specifically is very early.

Towards the latter part of 2014, hints of ‘Rebel Heart’ album leak online surfaced and Madonna was furious about it. We can imagine her frustration, after making 25 brand new tracks and letting it be stolen. She denied the tracklist and previews of clips leaked. Looks like she pi**ed off the wrong crowd, now the album has leaked a month early to it’s release date.

We, at JustRandomThings, strongly believe that artists should be properly compensated towards their effort in bringing new music to this world. So DON’T rush in and download the leaks, even if you do, don’t let that stop you from buying an album copy once it releases officially. Help the artists do what they have been doing for so long, and brought joy to our lives in the process.

Buy Kid Ink’s ‘Full Speed’ Album on iTunes / Amazon

Buy Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Album on iTunes / Amazon

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10 thoughts on ““Full Speed” & “Rebel Heart” Albums Leak Online

  1. @disqus_PDIMeLUTMW:disqus….Do you believe that Madonna will choose to go ahead and officially release Rebel Heart in its entirety as a result of this second leak? It is her choice, of course, but i can only speculate that she may feel that her choice has now been stolen from her. I want her to get all the royalties she deserves for all the work she has put into creating and perfecting Rebel Heart, and I fear that if she doesn’t move up the release date (to basically now), she will not be able to capitalize on it very much.

    1. Obviously there is a huge impact on the album sales, now that it has leaked so early. Some previous albums got leaked just days before the official album launch date, which minimized the impact of the leak. I do agree with you though. Madonna must feel horrible with this second wave of leak. 25 new tracks is not a simple deal. But I don’t really know if she can shift release dates as she wishes. It is her album and it is her wish, but there’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done for a smooth album launch. Probably not even half the stores are stacked up with CDs yet. She could consider releasing the digital downloads now.

      I don’t know how hardcore the Madonna fans are. Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ released like 4 days before he album launch and die-hard Swifties (as a collective) decided not to download the leaked album. As a community they were very effective in not caving into the illegal download. So I don’t know if the same thing could happen with Madonna’s fandom. Let’s hope that it does!

  2. i have already pre-ordered Rebel Heart on Itunes, and will support her buy purchasing her music as it becomes available.

    1. That’s excellent. I understand the eagerness to download the illegal copy. But you will be supporting your favorite artists by buying the music. Thank you for your decision and the comment.

          1. No problem, I “liked” your page, and will share articles from this site on facebook. I wish you much success and many millions of page views.

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