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The Kid LAROI – Stay Ft. Justin Bieber | Stream, Lyrics & Meaning

A heavily anticipated collaboration between The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber dropped today. “Stay” was not the most secretive project leading up to its release as LAROI teased it heavily on social media. In this article, we are going to explore the meaning behind the banger “Stay.”

“Stay” is the latest release from The Kid LAROI’s upcoming EP ‘F*CK LOVE 3,’ supposedly the third and final chapter of his ‘F*CK LOVE’ album series. So far, we have heard “Without You (Miley Cyrus Remix)” featuring Miley Cyrus, expected to be from the album.

Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI have previously collaborated on “Unstable” by Justin Bieber from his 2021 album ‘Justice.’

“Stay” is a song apologizing to the singer’s significant other for all the horrible things he has done to her. However, he is like a broken record saying this, because he has promised the same thing a hundred times–that he will be better.

Listen to “Stay” by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber

The Kid LAROI “Stay” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the chorus of the song, LAROI explains to us the situation of his relationship. We do not know what things he did, but he knows he should have changed those things if he wanted to keep their SO with him forever. But, of course, he couldn’t or he didn’t. He promised her that he would change and he knew that he was lying. He knew he was a lost cause. But she was the one thing that helped him stay on course (somewhat). While it is not justified, it makes sense why he would lie to keep her with him.

But lies get you nowhere.

The relationship fell apart and he is a mess. In the first verse, we hear that he wakes up drunk, spends the day drunk, and goes to sleep drunk. He is the mess he knew he would become if she left. Now he can’t even help himself. The Kid can only beg and hope that she would change her mind.

I do the same thing I told you that I never would
I told you I’d change, even when I knew I never could

In the second verse by Justin Bieber, he sings about missing the girl of his life (or used to be in his life). It is pretty clear that Justin Bieber still draws inspiration from his wife, Hailey Bieber, for the lyrics when he sings “You’re the reason I believe in love / It’s been difficult for me to trust.” He knows that his partner adds so much to his life. So, he is quite scared to lose them.

Both artists realize all the things that their partners add to their life. Although they may have failed to treat their partners the way they deserve, at least the singers realize their worth.

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