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Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet Kick Out Negativity in “MONOPOLY” Video (Lyrics Review)

BFFs Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet share a lovely song and video titled “Monopoly” inspired by their friendship. In this new video Ariana and Monet are seen being playful with each other enjoying their company.

Both Ariana and Victoria Monet worked on Ariana’s hit single “7 rings” and Victoria was one of the lucky BFFs to receive one of the 7 expensive diamond engagement rings. Both also worked on Ariana’s breakup anthem “thank u, next” which also gets a reference in this song.

In “Monopoly,” we hear Ariana and Victoria Monet further furthering them from the “fuckery” of the relationships and not giving care of “where you’ve been.”

The song title “Monopoly” is inspired by the popular boardgame of the same name which has the end goal of collecting all the property and running your opponents into bankruptancy while you accumulate wealth. In the song, too, Ariana and Victoria sing about being unaffected by the “fuckery” of relationships and working hard to collect their pay cheques.

Watch “Monopoly” video by Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet below.

The video shows Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet singing and dancing to the lyrics on a rooftop. What interests us more are the little texts of what they consider negative being kicked out of their lives. Some of these are; “you,” “fuckery,” “bad vibes,” “haters,” “negativity,” “TRUMP,” and they absorb in “healing,” “positivity,” “loyality” and “cash.”

The video also features Ariana and Monet twerking in pajamas with a strange man. This man has been identified as the dancer Donté Colley from Toronto, Canada.

One interesting lyric from “Monopoly” is when the duo sing “I like women and men” teasing their bisexuality. Victoria Monet came out as a homosexual in 2018 in a Tweet. Ariana Grande has hinted her bisexuality in the song “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” from ‘thank u, next’ album.

Either way, this song is a sweet dedication to friendship, healing, self-love and not being affected by fuckery!

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Full Lyrics to “Monopoly” by Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet

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