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Watch Fergie Perform “You Already Know” Live on Jimmy Fallon

Fergie’s latest album ‘Double Dutchess‘ was released a couple days ago and the tracklist has been nothing but impressive. Her second single off of the album-“You Already Know” is one of those songs that can make anyone dance. It’s catchy and infectious. Promoting the release of the 2017 album, Fergie went on Jimmy Fallon last night and performed “You Already Know” to a stunned crowd. This is probably the first ever TV appearance of Fergie for years.

Fergie’s live act on Jimmy Fallon was nothing short of electrifying. The 42 year-old star did not hold back with her dance moves-which has made her an icon-as she did a full on split as well. We would not mind seeing more of that.

Watch Fergie Perform “You Already Know” Live


Fergie dressed in a semi-formal dress complete with a black tie and a blazer. She used a handful of backup dancers who were on beat with the fast paced track.

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The songs on her latest album are quite impressive. All the tracks are getting their own music videos as the album is being called a ‘visual album.’

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